As a small bunch of pioneering people we set out to form an independent company to create excellent software. Established in 2010, Glooware is a small team of brilliant like-minded people working together in a great culture.


Creating excellence in our software is matched with belief in our cultural ethos and a very high set of working standards. We create what we regard as the best. We enjoy doing this in an evolving environment we all contribute to daily.


We want to put smiles on the faces of our software users. We aim to change the way people interact with software and create software, which means they get real value from its use. We live for this, we breathe it daily and deliver.


We work as a unit, a small, committed driven team. We are sharp thinkers, a truly agile team, we make decisions quickly. If we make mistakes we don’t look back, we pivot adapt and move on stronger than before. This is how we roll!

“We create innovative, forward thinking web applications”




This summer we will be launching a fast, efficient yet powerful new ecommerce platform. Cindr is customisable, easy to use and will be the go-to solution for retailers who want to maximise revenue by giving their customers the ultimate on-line shopping experience.



BikeCatalogue is our industry-leading, in-house database available to cycling retailers using Cindr. It contains over 80,000 (and growing) SKUs from leading bicycle product manufacturers. Integration with Cindr automates product population.

BikeCatalogue.com coming soon…



PinnacleApp is the only e-commerce solution that integrates with Ascend RMS- saving merchants time by automatically syncing online and in-store product inventories. PinnacleApp is being replaced during 2015 by the superior and more versatile Cindr.

“The pursuit of excellence is not the only thing we do, but it is in everything we do”



Scott J Davies

Founder & Managing Director

Usually found wearing some pretty scary Lycra. Resident bike nut.


Tom Hargreaves

Co-Founder & Product Director

In-house creative genius and “Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen” wannabe.


Si Sharp

Operations & Support Manager

A terribly nice chap who happens to sport a whopping great moustache.


Rob Dillon

 Front-end Engineer

Most likely to be heard around the office moaning about Internet Explorer.


Mike Embrey

 Web Application Developer

[This space is reserved for when Mike gains a redeeming feature]


Moy Davies

Financial Operations

Currently busy working out how we can afford a copywriter.



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